the botanica2024
bursary scheme

The botanica bursary scheme was created with the awareness that some persons who would benefit greatly from attending this important conference might be unable to do so due to their personal situation and financial circumstances.

With this in mind, since the botanica2014 edition, we have been raising funds for a number of bursary positions to be awarded at each following botanica event. These funds have been added to over the years via generous sponsorships. This has enabled a total of 105 people to date to attend the conference free of charge.

The botanica2024 bursary waives the three-day conference attendance fee for botanica2024 at the top registration tier: NEROLI

For botanica2024, we have 15 bursary places to award thanks to the generous support from the following institutions: 

Members / subscribers of the above partners will be notified by email of the botanica bursary rules and application process.

Applications must be submitted by May 6th.

Bursary winners will be notified May 10th.