2 Days of live lectures 17th & 18th May only 
2 Days trade show & networking 17th & 18th May only



2 Days of live lectures 17th & 18th May
1 Day of live workshops 19th May
Access to 10+ extra on-demand lectures
3 days of trade show & networking
3 months of replay of all lecture content



2 Days of live lectures 17th & 18th May
1 Day of live workshops 19th May
Access to 10+ extra on-demand lectures
3 days of trade show & networking
Special e-copy proceedings of lectures and workshops
Lifetime replay of all lecture content


* Due to the live conference running to GMT+1  (London time), the ZEST Conference pass is only suitable for participants in Western Europe and the British Isles and is for 2 days only.
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